3-level Picot Fan Stitch Lace Collar

This is a pattern for a Peter Pan-style lace collar, made using the picot fan stitch worked in 3-levels, that produces a scalloped effect. Both written and charted pattern are provided, alongside a description with pictures, which if you'd like to skip, then head over to Ravelry and download the pdf pattern here. I have … Continue reading 3-level Picot Fan Stitch Lace Collar


Crochet over a Button

If regular plastic buttons are spoiling the effect of your crochet lacework, or you have leftover yarn that you would like to use up after making a cardigan or shrug, then crochet over a button. While the pattern itself is quite simple, the tight angles could be hard to work. It might be handy to … Continue reading Crochet over a Button

The Picot Fan Stitch – Collar and Cardigan

Picot fans are immensely satisfying to crochet. With little effort, a lovely lace effect is created, and in this article, I describe how to adapt it into wearables. Instructions are provided for a simple collar, for how to increase when working the yoke of a top or a cardigan, and a downloadable pattern to make … Continue reading The Picot Fan Stitch – Collar and Cardigan