I could not stop at a collar and a cardigan, and pushed the picot fan stitch to its limits with this blouse. It is my dearest creation yet, and if you invited me to a party, I’d show up in it and match my drink 🙂

I used the collar pattern described here: The Picot Fan Stitch – Collar, Cardigan and Blouse

But I started off with 24 rather than 20 pattern repeats for a wider neckline. I like the way it sits on my shoulders at this size.

Then, I decided to work the remainder in rounds rather than cardigan-style. This required some flexibility, as this pattern isn’t so elegant in the round as flat. But if you cannot see the row start and finish running right down the middle in the pictures, then worry not. Just use ch3 and sl st to move into position and you’ll be right on track.

Can you see the row starts and finishes running right down the middle below the button? 

I used the increase chart in the same article at four raglan-style locations in the second round of the pattern. If you’re starting your rounds in the centre as I have, then these will occur at pattern repeats 4, 9, 16, and 21. 28 pattern repeats made.

At this point, I had the girth but not the depth for the yoke, and so proceeded to work a third round of patterns without any increases. 28 pattern repeats stayed. I am a size 2, 32B. If you wish to size up, perform another round of raglan-style increases instead.

Now, I sectioned off 16 pattern repeats for the body and 6 for each armhole.

I worked 7 rounds of the pattern for the body, until my waist was reached, then decided to gradually work increases for a flare. I worked an increase at either side, but only a 4-stitch fan for two rounds, and then worked these into full 8-stitch rounds twice before I got bored and finished the work at around 12 inches from the armhole shaping. This rigmarole is only required if you made a close-fitted top and your hips are considerably wider than your waist.

Yarn: Anchor Mercerised Knitting Cotton (Art. 4057, Colourway 022, Maroon has been used here)
(Any thread- or fingering-weight crochet thread may be substituted using calculations given in the article linked above)
Yardage: ~400 yards, or about 4x 50g balls
Hook: 2.5mm

This yarn is my favourite yet. It has just the right degree of sheen to look rich and many machine washes later, still looks like new.

If this was too vague and you’d like to see this as a proper pattern, do leave me a comment and I will move my bloomin’ rear on it.

At this point, I was still besotted by this stitch, and used it to trim my bikinis. They are beautiful creations.

Work a fan stitch into every 12 stitches rather than 9. This will produce a flat pattern. Sew on cups. I found an idiot-proof method described here: crochet bra cups.


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